Talk Experiential is more than a podcast for brands and entrepreneurs interested in experiential marketing. Like the field itself, Talk Experiential is about experiences and how they impact our lives and drive our decisions. Talk Experiential Host and Air Fresh Marketing CEO Joey Kercher had a great experience interviewing inspirational entrepreneur and motivational speaker Kyln Elsbury for Talk Experiential’s latest episode. Hear the entire episode here.

As a recruiting expert and a millennial herself, Kyln Elsbury knows a great deal about what it takes to convert millennial professionals to long-term employees.

Millennials, unlike their parents and grandparents, are typically prone to move from one job to the next, which has considerable impact on the time and cost of keeping positions filled in both growing and established companies. However, Elsbury says companies that are committed to building a long-term workforce can make some simple changes that will help in the retention of the younger generation.

“What (millennials) tend to want is short-term gratification and words of affirmation or nice gestures, coupled with the belief that the long-term is possible,” Elsbury said recently on the Talk Experiential podcast. “We don’t want to quit companies. We really don’t. … We just want to quit things where we don’t see the value we’re producing.”

Elsbury was born with cystic fibrosis, with a life expectancy of only 14 years. Today at 30, she is a vibrant entrepreneur and motivational speaker who travels across the country inspiring audiences to live their best lives.

As the founder and CEO of two companies, Landmark Makers and MK Foundation, Elsbury is inspired by the work she does to help CEOs and entrepreneurs take their own companies to a new level of success.

Elsbury has some fairly simple advice for fellow CEOs looking to build a more stable workforce. First, she said, it’s important to understand the top four reasons people of all ages leave their jobs. Among those reasons are incompatible emotional intelligence, a general lack of skill set, a lack of coaching, coachability or temperament issues, and the lack of opportunity to be involved in something larger than themselves, such as pursuing passions and volunteer work that feels impactful.

While some of those issues are beyond a CEO’s control, Elsbury recommends the following steps to help grow an empowered and steadfast workforce:

  • During the interview process, ask a prospective employee what kinds of books they like to read. On their first day of work, have a bestselling or new book from that genre waiting on their desk with a note welcoming them to the team and expressing your interest in their growth and success.
  • At their six-month anniversary date, have a small mini-company event to recognize them and their achievements. This can be repeated at subsequent anniversary dates as well.
  • Every six months (or even once per quarter) host a community event or offer an incentive that gives employees an option to give back to the community. You can let employees vote on a charity they want to support, or select an event individually and recognize them for their service. Take photos, post them to social media and really recognize the level of commitment you and your company have to doing meaningful work in the world around you.

As a CEO who spent more than 100 days last year running her companies from a hospital bed, while receiving treatment for the symptoms of her disease, Elsbury emphasizes the importance of loving what you do. Employees of any generation should be happy and fulfilled in their work, she said. She encourages CEOs to help make that happen by paying attention to and improving the experiences their employees are having.

To learn more about Kyln Elsbury, visit her website at or connect with her on LinkedIn here. And be sure to listen to the full Talk Experiential interview here.

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