The Basics of Business Are Evergreen

Dusti Reimer

On the most recent episode of Talk Experiential, Air Fresh CEO/Founder Joey Kercher interviewed Dusti Reimer, a marketing maven and founder of Experience Education Foundation. She talked about why it is important for brands and businesses to remember why they started. Meeting the customers you want and who need you builds meaningful relationships, Reimer said.


Here’s some of what Dusti Reimer had to say:

“You know, we’re getting constantly bombarded, whether it’s on social media or e-mail, TV or pop-up ads, retargeted marketing, it’s just left and right. You just watch things grow and fade out.

And then there was this shift to the apps, and then Facebook, and you had to have a Facebook page, and then it just morphed after that into Instagram and Twitter and Snapchat, and every other app that showed up there, and so most people are just constantly trying to be relevant with new technology, even if it’s not to the benefit of their organization.

People are always trying to get on the new technology, and they’re not sure how to utilize it well. The other thing is, they don’t even know if it’s going to benefit their target market. (Companies) have to go back to the basics.

“Who are you trying to reach? When you created this product, or when you created your organization, what was your goal? Who were you trying to reach, and is that still what you’re trying to do?” Because maybe being on Snapchat and trying to recruit a veteran isn’t going to link up.

You’ve got to realize, “Why are you doing this? Are you doing this just to say that you have the technology, or are you doing it to spend relevant time recruiting new people?”

And I think asking the “why” — we lost have that. We’re so into getting the new technology. “Oh, did you see the new thing out there?” “No, I didn’t. I have to have that.” And we somewhere along the way got so swept up in the new stuff that we forgot to say, “Well, is it really relevant to what we’re doing?”

Not everybody needs to have everything. I think you just need to realize what is going to help your target market and grow your business, and when people remember that they’re specifically targeting or creating something for this group of people, you don’t need to try and cast that wide net. Just be specific.

It’s okay, as you watch other people walk by you, that you’re not grabbing them right away, because you want to hook, and you want to make sure that your group is being taken care of by you.

It’s not just about, “Can they see us, and can we hook them, and can we get that one-night stand business?” We want meaningful relationship. We want this to go somewhere. We’re thinking long-term dating. We want to meet your parents. We want to have a family. We want to be in it to win it with you forever.

We’re not just looking for a hook. (If) we’re trying to really establish (a relationship) with the clients that we have, (we have to know and they have to know) that we’re in it for the long term. We’re in it for the three to five-year, to really make a difference.”

Listen to the full interview on Talk Experiential. And if you are looking for a true partner to help you grow your business and build brand identity and loyalty, contact us today at Air Fresh Marketing. We look forward to hearing from you.

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