Every Talk Experiential Podcast features an in-depth interview and conversation with a key player in the world of experiential marketing.

Tips for Retaining Motivated Millennials in the Workplace
Talk Experiential is more than a podcast for brands and entrepreneurs interested in experiential marketing. Like the field itself, Talk Experiential is about experiences and how they impact our lives and drive our decisions. Talk Experiential Host and Air Fresh Marketing CEO Joey Kercher had a great experience interviewing inspirational Read more
Episode #20 Understanding How to Hire Better
Episode #18 Metrics as the Language of Business
Episode #17 “What Works in Experiential Marketing for Individual Brands
Read on for our talk with Erik Huberman of Hawke Media to find out what works best for individual brands in experiential marketing.The full transcript for Talk Experiential episode #17 What Works in Experiential Marketing for Individual Brands is followed below. Read more
#16 How Storytelling Impacts Business (Show Notes)
The full transcript for Talk Experiential episode #16 “How Storytelling Impacts Business” is below. Read on to find out how you can use storytelling with your business to make a difference in your bottom line. Read more
#15 Why the Guest Experience Matters: Marketing Lessons Gleaned from the Hospitality Industry (Show Notes)
After listening to our 15th episode with Chris Kielb “Why the Guest Experience Matters: Marketing Lessons Gleaned from the Hospitality Industry,” check out our full-length transcript below. The transcript captures every word of our interview and makes it possible to easily follow along, take notes, or simply review. Read more
#14 Out-of-Home Marketing 101
This is our full transcript of Talk Experiential episode #14: Out-of-Home Marketing 101. You can listen to our podcast episodes on our website, on iTunes, Stitcher, and SoundCloud. Read more
#16 How Storytelling Impacts Business
Corey Blake is our guest on our 16th episode of Talk Experiential. He started as a musical theater major, but when he went out to LA he realized that he was “crayon in someone else’s crayon box.” Looking for a way to bring his own voice and expand his purpose Read more
#13 Event Sponsorship: How Brands Maximize Partnerships
Another one of our episodes is available to read through. Find episode #13 below. Read more
#12 The Conversation That Can’t Be Had Anywhere Else (Show Notes)
We create full transcripts of all of our Talk Experiential episodes so that you can catch up after listening. It’s easy to read through and jog your memory or grab text to save for notes. Find our full transcript for episode #12 The Conversation That Can’t Be Had Anywhere Else Read more



I’m Joey Kercher. Host of Talk Experiential and President & CEO of Air Fresh Marketing, an experiential marketing agency. I founded Air Fresh Marketing in 2011, an experiential marketing agency dedicated to assisting brands and leading them through live experiences designed to raise awareness, drive sales, and build brand loyalty. Our passion and creativity for our work make it possible to create strong calls to action to connect brands with consumers. When I’m not working, I can be found on the slopes skiing, reading and listening to the latest industry and tech news, and raising two amazing redheaded daughter’s out in Denver, CO.

"Engaging with shoppers is essential, but brands must get creative to reach consumers where they are as they spend less time shopping in brick-and-mortar retail locations."


"The new-age customers, crave personalised experiences and desire meaningful interactions with the brand, making experiential marketing, with its ‘Power of Experience’, a necessity." @Entrepreneur


"Real experiences have much more significant impacts on our senses than abstract ideas and, therefore, stay in our memory for longer."


"As our lives—and most of marketing—become more and more digitally based, the role of the physical experience is elevated as a vital way to connect in an emotionally authentic manner."


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