Every Talk Experiential Podcast features an in-depth interview and conversation with a key player in the world of experiential marketing.

#8 Lead Generation and Engagement
Zachary Rozga is our guest on our eighth episode! He is the founder, creator, and owner of Swurveys. Swurveys brings interactive swipe surveys to events where brand ambassadors and talent can connect with customers to gather important data. Swurveys makes it possible for brands to collect real-time insights and feedback,
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Brock Marlborough on Talk Experiential
#7 Brand Positioning and the Future: What is the Role of Experiential Marketing?
Brock Marlborough is our seventh guest on the Talk Experiential podcast! Brock is the Director of Production at Pen & Public and was previously the Head of Experiential at The Uprising Creative. Topics on Today’s Episode: – What is the meaning of “experiential?” Why would anyone develop a marketing strategy
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Jian Shokouhi on Talk Experiential
#6 Craft Winning Experiences for Sports Brands with Jian Shokouhi
Jian Shokouhi is our sixth guest on the Talk Experiential podcast! Jian talks about how he got his start in experiential marketing and how to work with sports brands in the experiential and event marketing world. Jian is an Experiential Account Director at Motive: A Project Agency based in the
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Jeff Boodie on Talk Experiential
#5 Generation Z & The Future of Marketing with Jeff Boodie
Jeff Boodie is our guest on our fifth episode! He got his start as a Business Coordinator with the Oprah Magazine before becoming the Head of Company Engagement at Intern Sushi. Now, he is the co-founder and president of JobSnap (a new inventive app for connecting Generation Z with cool
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#4 Hit Your Brand’s Target Market through Experiential Marketing Campaign Strategy with Chris Gartenmann
Chris Gartenmann joins us for our fourth episode! Chris is the Head of New Business Development at PGXM, a boutique division of PG Exhibits. We sat down to discuss target markets, messaging, and brand strategy through the lens of experiential marketing. Topics on today’s episode: How can you hit specific
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Steve Tiseo on Talk Experiential Podcast
#3 Bringing Creativity to Your Brand Activations with Steve Tiseo
In our third episode we meet with Steve Tiseo, the CEO of interactive event agency Friendly Vengeance, and dive into the topic of creativity during brand activations. Topics on today’s episode: How important is creativity in brand activations? What are co-branded experiences? How does AR and VR play into building
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Vincent Kirkwood on Talk Experiential Podcast
#2 Activating your Brand on a National Tour with Vincent Kirkwood
Today’s guest, Vincent Kirkwood, takes us through the process of using mobile experiential marketing on a national tour for your brand to activate sales. He has been in the business for twenty-five years and has extensive expertise in mobile experiential marketing. Topics on today’s episode: What is mobile experiential marketing?
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Michael Bleu on Talk Experiential Podcast
#1 What is Tour Routing with Michael Bleu
Michael Bleu is our first guest on Talk Experiential! Michael walks us through brand tour routing. He has over a decade of experience in experiential marketing and has produced mobile tours, pop-up events, and guerilla activations in nearly every major US market. Michael is the founder & CEO of Events
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I’m Joey Kercher. Host of Talk Experiential and President & CEO of Air Fresh Marketing, an experiential marketing agency. I founded Air Fresh Marketing in 2011, an experiential marketing agency dedicated to assisting brands and leading them through live experiences designed to raise awareness, drive sales, and build brand loyalty. Our passion and creativity for our work make it possible to create strong calls to action to connect brands with consumers. When I’m not working, I can be found on the slopes skiing, reading and listening to the latest industry and tech news, and raising two amazing redheaded daughter’s out in Denver, CO.

We are excited to announce the release of @talkexperiential Epsiode #18 "Metrics as the Language of Business" with W Michael Hsu of Deep Sky.

You can find the transcript along with the audio below:

Episode #18 'Metrics as the Language of Business' with W Michael Hsu of Deep Sky is scheduled to premier this week! Stay tuned!

“Go beyond the screen to connect face-to-face in live events."

"Knowing who you are as a brand and your 'why' is essential to figuring out what sort of experiential marketing campaigns would work best."


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