#16 How Storytelling Impacts Business

Corey Blake is our guest on our 16th episode of Talk Experiential.

He started as a musical theater major, but when he went out to LA he realized that he was “crayon in someone else’s crayon box.” Looking for a way to bring his own voice and expand his purpose creatively, Corey started Round Table Companies in 2005. Corey’s goal, and the goal of Round Table Companies, is to focus on creating experiences that change and transform people through storytelling.

Topics on Today’s Episode:
How can storytelling impact business?
How can vulnerability play a role in business?
How can brands and businesses stand out with their storytelling at events?

For more information on Round Table Companies visit their website. For more information on Corey Blake, connect with him on LinkedIN or view his TedX talk “Vulnerability is Sexy” on YouTube.

#15 Why the Guest Experience Matters: Marketing Lessons Gleaned from the Hospitality Industry

Chris Kielb on Talk ExperientialChris Kielb is our 15th guest on the Talk Experiential podcast.

He brings insight from the hospitality industry on how to manufacture exciting and exceptional guest experiences for customers. We invited Chris on Talk Experiential because we believe many of these hospitality lessons are directly and indirectly applicable to the experiential marketing industry. We talk to Chris about his extensive experience in the industry as well as his current role as the Director of Guest Experience at Paséa Hotel & Spa.

Topics on Today’s Episode: 
Why is the guest experience essential?
How do you handle different types of people and develop an exceptional guest experience?
Why is listening to your customers and clients vital to creating a positive experience?

For more information on Chris Kielb, connect with Chris on LinkedIN.

#14 Out-of-Home Marketing 101

Don Williams and Adam Pierce on Talk Experiential

Don Williams and Adam Pierce are our guests on the 13th episode of Talk Experiential!

Don Winters and Adam Pierce are our guests on our 14th episode of Talk Experiential. Don started in the advertising business right out of college in publishing before making his way over to out-of-home and experiential marketing. Don and Adam co-founded EMG Media Inc. and run marketing campaigns for clients to help them get in front of their core, target audience. EMG Media Inc. has more than 20 exclusive media properties that break through the clutter of advertising.

Topics on Today’s Episode:
What is out-of-home marketing?
Where do out-of-home marketing campaigns appear?
How does a brand get their ROI from out-of-home marketing campaigns?

For more information on Encompass Media Group (EMG) visit their website. For more information on Don Winters or Adam Pierce, connect with them on LinkedIN.

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