Mickey Katz on Talk Experiential

Mickey Katz is our guest on our ninth episode!

His background is in the mobile consumer space, specifically in the industry of college marketing. He has worked on a variety of college campuses over the years and understands what it takes to make a genuine brand connection with students. Mickey is the co-founder of Campus Commando, a new technology that helps brands reach college students by connecting brands directly with on-campus brand ambassadors. Previously, Mickey worked as the Director of Campus Marketing for Tapingo and the National Events Manager and Market Development for GroundLink.

Topics on Today’s Episode: 
How can brands reach students on college campuses?
What are the differences in strategy when marketing to students on college campuses?
How can you engage college students and get them excited about your brand?

For more information on Mickey, check out his Go Commando App site gocommandoapp.com/.

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