John McGuire and Eric Slayman

John McGuire and Eric Slayman are our guests on the 13th episode of Talk Experiential!

John McGuire and Eric Slayman are our guests on our 13th episode of Talk Experiential. Both have worked extensively in the experiential marketing and event management industry with special expertise in event sponsorship. We dive into event sponsorship in today’s episode and talk about the different ways that brands can enhance the guest’s experience with the brand experience kind of “baked into” that exceptional guest experience.

Topics on Today’s Episode:

How do brands begin when they want to sponsor an event?
How do brands really maximize their partnerships with other brands?
How do brands maximize their dollars and spending at events?

Highline creates and produces amazing experiences based on their founder’s vision, “to create experiences that are more impactful than the view atop Vail Mountain.” Highline is well known for their work with brands through event sponsorship. For more information on Eric, check out @ericslayman. For more information on Highline, visit Highline at or connect on social via @Go_Highline. 

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