Fritz Heffinger on Talk Experiential

Fritz Heffinger is our guest on our twelfth episode of Talk Experiential!

He is the CEO and Co-Founder at OutCold, a full-service experiential agency that tells brand stories such as building pop-up shops in Airstreams. The goal is to give fun and energizing experiences that have an effect on people that cannot be matched in any other way, through any other form of marketing. Today we talked about the value of experiential marketing when it comes to connecting with consumers.

Topics on Today’s Episode:
When you have a conversation with a consumer, how far does the reach go? How does it compare to social media?
How does experiential marketing help you connect with consumers?
Why is the conversation such a valuable part of marketing?

For more information on Fritz, you can follow him on Instagram at @frritzz or connect with his company, OutCold, at

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