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Episode #18 Metrics as the Language of Business
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Episode #17 “What Works in Experiential Marketing for Individual Brands
Read on for our talk with Erik Huberman of Hawke Media to find out what works best for individual brands in experiential marketing.The full transcript for Talk Experiential episode #17 What Works in Experiential Marketing for Individual Brands is followed below.
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#16 How Storytelling Impacts Business
Corey Blake is our guest on our 16th episode of Talk Experiential. He started as a musical theater major, but when he went out to LA he realized that he was “crayon in someone else’s crayon box.” Looking for a way to bring his own voice and expand his purpose
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Chris Kielb on Talk Experiential
#15 Why the Guest Experience Matters: Marketing Lessons Gleaned from the Hospitality Industry
Chris Kielb is our 15th guest on the Talk Experiential podcast. He brings insight from the hospitality industry on how to manufacture exciting and exceptional guest experiences for customers. We invited Chris on Talk Experiential because we believe many of these hospitality lessons are directly and indirectly applicable to the
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Don Williams and Adam Pierce on Talk Experiential
#14 Out-of-Home Marketing 101
Don Williams and Adam Pierce are our guests on the 13th episode of Talk Experiential! Don Winters and Adam Pierce are our guests on our 14th episode of Talk Experiential. Don started in the advertising business right out of college in publishing before making his way over to out-of-home and
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John McGuire and Eric Slayman
#13 Event Sponsorship: How Brands Maximize Partnerships
John McGuire and Eric Slayman are our guests on the 13th episode of Talk Experiential! John McGuire and Eric Slayman are our guests on our 13th episode of Talk Experiential. Both have worked extensively in the experiential marketing and event management industry with special expertise in event sponsorship. We dive
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Fritz Heffinger on Talk Experiential
#12 The Conversation That Can’t Be Had Anywhere Else with Fritz Heffinger
Fritz Heffinger is our guest on our twelfth episode of Talk Experiential! He is the CEO and Co-Founder at OutCold, a full-service experiential agency that tells brand stories such as building pop-up shops in Airstreams. The goal is to give fun and energizing experiences that have an effect on people
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Christian Jurinka on Talk Experiential Podcast
#11 Experiences & The “People Aspect” in Marketing with Christian Jurinka
Christian Jurinka is our guest on our eleventh episode of Talk Experiential! Christian is the CEO at Attack Marketing, a national & field marketing agency that helps brands connect with their core customers through retail events, experiential events, and both non-traditional and traditional marketing. We talked about the importance of
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Simon Fung on Talk Experiential
#10 Brand Manager Perspective with Simon Fung
Simon Fung is our guest on our tenth episode of Talk Experiential! He is one of Air Fresh Marketing’s brand managers and has become a favorite due to his hard work ethic and ability to see problems before they arise. We chatted about what makes a successful brand event and
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Mickey Katz on Talk Experiential
#9 College Campus Marketing 101
Mickey Katz is our guest on our ninth episode! His background is in the mobile consumer space, specifically in the industry of college marketing. He has worked on a variety of college campuses over the years and understands what it takes to make a genuine brand connection with students. Mickey
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I’m Joey Kercher. Host of Talk Experiential and President & CEO of Air Fresh Marketing, an experiential marketing agency. I founded Air Fresh Marketing in 2011, an experiential marketing agency dedicated to assisting brands and leading them through live experiences designed to raise awareness, drive sales, and build brand loyalty. Our passion and creativity for our work make it possible to create strong calls to action to connect brands with consumers. When I’m not working, I can be found on the slopes skiing, reading and listening to the latest industry and tech news, and raising two amazing redheaded daughter’s out in Denver, CO.

The costs can be high, but the payoff is worth it.


Thoughts? What roadblocks do you face in experiential marketing?


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